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Treasurer - Kay Berry - 852-3410

Secretary - Judi Tillman - 852-2944


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Vicki Jones and Suzanne Benton

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Vicki Jones

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Kristi Dennis

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** Matt & Kate Hasler - Church Planters

Grace Life Church

1105 Silverqueen - PO Box 9376

Pueblo, Colorado 81008

February 2020


Let me apoplgize for not sending you an update letter sooner than I have!  It has been a busy stretch for us, but also, I was waiting on some more information to come in before I wrote.  More information is still coming in but I certainly didn't want to delay writing any longer and thought it best to get this to you as soon as I could!

First off, let me tell you some wins we are experiencing here at GraceLife!  This winter we introduced a new format for our grow (discipleship) ministries.  Instead of several small groups meeting throughout the week we decided to have the entire church come together for one night a week.  We start with a potluck dinner for fellowship and then break into smaller groups throughout the church facilities for a Bible based discussion.  The fruit of this new format has been awesome!  We have seen new faces coming in, we have seen relationships growing, and for the first time we have been able to offer some discipleship for our teens!  Please continue to pray for these groups, because we are seeing God do some great things!  Along with the new format we are seeing some new one-on-one deiscipleship relationships form.  One-on-one discipleship is a big deal for us, and I am so excited to see new people taking this next step to grow in their faith!

No season is without it's struggles though.  We recently got some bad news about our plumbing.  We have two collapsed lines and both will need to be replaced.  The urgency of one is pretty clear, the other is something we will have to get done but may not be urgent yet.  Unfortunately, insurance does not help with this type of thing.  We are still working on getting some more bids (hence I am waiting on more information) but the initial bid we have is a whopping $22,500!  Our facilities team is also working on bidding out some other projects we hope to do in the near future.  This would include redoing some electrical and adding handicap accessible entrances for both the upstairs and downstairs of our building.  On Suday we had a meeting and voted to have a committee gather as much information and get as many bids as they can.  The will then report back to the church and we will vote on where to go from there.  Fortunately, our district offers loans to churches for situations like this.  And once we know the full cost we can make some financial decisions.

With that information I am asking you to pray!  Whatever the final costs are I am confident God will provide.  We have seen Him do so time and again.  Pray for God's provisions, pray for wisdom as the church decides how to best move forward, and pray this will be a time of growth for our church.  When we are faced with challenges it can cause us to ask good questions about how much we give to the church and how effective is our outreach.  God can use moments of struggle to do great things!

As soon as the church makes a decision and I have more information I will give you another update and share how you can be involved.  In the meantime, thank you for your pryaers!  Thank you for your support!  And thank you for helping us continue to reach Pueblo for Jesus.

Keep the Faith,  Matthew Hassler

Here are some things I would love to have you pray for over this next month:

*Pray for increased generosity - We are  praying for our church to experience generosity like never before!  Pray that God will open up the hearts of the people here to generously give.

*Pray thet we would reach more people than ever before - During the season of Lent we will be encouraging our people to pray about Easter and who they will reach out to.  Will you pray for our Easter outreach as well?  We know God can use this celebration to reach new people with the Gospel!

*Pray for more harvest workers - Jesus tells us that the harvest is plentiful.  This is very true!  We need more kingdom minded laborers to come alongside us and share in our mission to reach Pueblo.

*Pray that God would be glorified in all that we do - Above all else we want God to receive the glory!  Pray that everything we do would honor Him and expand His kingdon her in Pueblo!  Thank you!  

** Gene & Gretchen Tate - Living Seeds Initiative - Uganda

PO Box 296

Van, Texas 75790


Living Seeds Initiative PO Box 296, Van, TX 75790 

T 903-963-1850 

January 29, 2020 

Dear Sargent Mary Marthas

"I think hope is made of three key things. First, it has a clear vision of the better future. Second, it has at least one path to get there. And third, hope has guts. It has that internal courage and will to give that path a try. Wishful thinking or optimism doesn't lead to change, but hope ignites the muscles of action. When those three things come together, that kind of hope can change the world - your personal world and entire societies. So, I don't believe hope is just a nice, soft idea. Hope is one of the toughest motivators around.Scott Todd, Compassion International Magazine 

We love this quote and have used it in various places at various times but this year we think it fits our year and school in ways unprecedented

For 2019 a primary focus was the Sustainable Agriculture School, Arua Uganda. The participants were a diverse and challenging group. Some were refugees from the camps that for some years now have received regular handouts of food and who've had many training opportunities provided. But, this did not bring them hope. Rather, it left them feeling more dependent and hopeless about their futures. Discussing how to break the dependency cycle they were forced into became a major subject. Some participants were from the deaf community where they were seen as useless people with no future or ability to provide for themselves or their family. Others, blinded by poverty and culture, could not see their way out. And others had come with much expectation and purpose and attending the class was an intentional step toward a future goal

They did however have one thing in common, they were a class of thinkers. When we introduced a subject, they would quietly listen for a couple days before a question was even asked. They were hesitant to jump into any new idea without mulling it over and discussing it thoroughly. They were slow in implementing compared to our previous classes which prompted many discussions with our staff wondering about the depth of their understanding and what would motivate them to act. In time they did act, they did implement, and as they began to see the fruit of their labor come to bear, they were astounded at the success and eager to continue. Our worries were unfounded. They just needed time and assurance

As the course progressed, the above quote began to come alive. The participants were slowly, carefully, prayerfully building HOPE. As they built hope, they developed VISION. As they developed vision, they started to PLAN. As they planned a path ahead, they possessed the internal courage to START down that path. Of all our schools, they have probably been the school that was slowest to be convinced but the surest to start implementing. They have hope and vision and the guts to put it into action


Opportunity at hand, our deaf students left 4 days after graduation to start training other deaf young people at a week long retreat in a community 8 hours away. In the coming year they've committed to work with the teachers at the deaf school to develop a complete training program integrating in the message of God's heart for them. They are truly an inspiring group

Our refugee students have gone back to the camps where Cyrus was given the Sunday school time at his church to begin discipling the church in God's heart for them in the area of food and food security. He already has 17 other settlements requesting trainings. Janet has hand dug her own well to provide irrigation water for her gardens and is now planting in dry season. Victor and Patrick are both doing watermelon projects using low till, water conservation, organic methods with villages carefully watching to see if these strange techniques work

The Minister of Agriculture from the Democratic Republic of Congo has met with Buroha asking for missionaries to come work in Congo to train others in agriculture. Daniel has returned home with vision for family land. James is starting a fruit drying small business enterprise he has mulled over for several years. Serah desires to continue formal education in agriculture production

Semi, 18, is the youngest member of a newly formed Abario Farmer Group which is purposed to implement the new sustainable farming methods in their community. This is a direct result of the SAS community collaboration team working with this village now for the second time and fulfills a long time desire we've had to see deeper community impact from the collaborations. Emma is joining with one of our former students, Martin, to help establish the agriculture program for a newly formed Ugandan based community empowerment mission in Lira Uganda. George is returning to Kenya to experiment on small scale with the new ideas and methods in a very arid, challenging area

Some years are sowing seeds, pulling weeds and pruning. Some years are enjoying the fruits of our labor. This year was all of it, from the sowing to the fruit. We saw God do a deep work in the hearts and minds of these students. The understanding of His love, grace, and heart for them went deep into their spirits. This is your fruit too. None of this would happen without your partnership and we are very grateful for your involvement in our lives and theirs. May you be blessed and encouraged as we share this fruit with you. Thank you for your part in the harvest

Love and Blessings

Gene and Gretchen 


** Thomas & Theresa Myers - Bulgaria

PO Box 851

Valley Forge, PA  19482-0851