Important Announcements:

Sargent Church is meeting weekly and in light of the the Covid 19 Pandemic we are following the Rio Grande County requirements.  Those include thewearing of masks until seated with "social distancing"  in the sanctuary.  And moving outside before fellowshiping with each other. 

Worship services 10 am each Sunday are being streamed on Face Book.  The service will be uploade to FaceBook shortly after 11 AM each week.  It should also be noted that due to technical issues, the services may or may not be availble this week.  The issues are being addressed as quickly as possible.  Therefore, if you don't find us this week, come back next week and we'll do our best to be on line.

Sunday School  has resumed.  We meet each Sunday morning in the Fellowship Room, with social distancing, at 9 am.  All are welcome to join us in the Bible Study.

Join us for Sunday School  and/or Worship each week!